My name is Kit Edington. I take on freelance I.T. and computer work in my spare time.

I live and work in Missoula, Montana. I currently hold an IT Support job at the University of Montana. I enjoy technology and learning new things, and I find it exciting when IT can improve processes, solve problems, and make life more productive, interesting, and fun.

My primary skills revolve around the troubleshooting and consultation of individual computer workstations. I can fix many software and hardware issues with home computers. Also, I try to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and products, and can teach users to use new products, ranging from smart phones to tablets to laptops.

Additionally, I am able to help with home and small business networking projects.  My experience in both private and public enterprise technology systems gives me a rounded view of technologies available to local businesses.

While I am not taking any enterprise work at this time, I have experience with enterprise networking systems, including servers, websites, firewalls, filters, routers, and databases.